A new version of the Pearl app is now available!

Pearl app Create screenA new version of the Pearl app is available! Make sure to update your app and please share it with your friends.

Reviews are reset with each new version. So it would be super helpful if you would review us in the App Store. It only takes a few seconds. Thanks!

  • You can now reorder your photos to create your Pearl video with the photos in any sequence you want!
  • You can also zoom and adjust the focus of each photo, which is really helpful if you select a landscape or portrait photo.
  • If you preview your Pearl movie and decide you want to add or remove a photo, now you can!
  • Occasionally YouTube or Facebook misbehave and don’t finish uploading and processing your video, so we have added a notification to inform you so that you can try again later.
  • Bonus: We have added some great new music tracks. Check them out!

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