Help us get the word out!

The Pearl app has been approved by Apple! Oh yeah!!! Now we need your help getting the word out for our big launch. Can you please take a second to donate a tweet or Facebook post to help support us?

We’re using the Thunderclap service so that we all can share the same message at the same time across social media. This makes it more likely that people will hear about Pearl and can download the free app. Think of it as an “online flash mob.”

When you click a button to support our campaign, you authorize your Facebook or Twitter account with Thunderclap so that the service can share our message on your behalf. It will only send one tweet or post at the time the campaign launches. After the campaign is complete, it won’t post any additional messages.

Here’s how you can help:
1. Click or tap the “Join this Thunderclap” button below to donate one tweet or Facebook post to show your support for the launch of our Pearl app. You’ll join people around the world in sending a message about Pearl to your friends and followers on social media.

2. Ask your friends to help support our launch too. Share this on your social media accounts and encourage everyone to help us out!

Thank you, we really do appreciate your support!