How to get better audio quality recording your voice

The latest smartphones have pretty good microphones now. But, you still need to follow some basic rules to capture higher-quality audio with them. A lot of factors can influence the quality of your voice recording, the volume, the amount of background noise, etc.

  1. Find a reasonably quiet environment to capture your Voicekick recording. A quiet spot outside, a room or hallway, or even inside your car.
  2. You will often find that your voice sounds the strongest, warmest, and most resonant when you are standing up. Standing lets you take in full breaths and speak clearly and confidently.
  3. Try to reduce the amount of “sound reflection” from hard surfaces in front of and behind you, since this creates an unpleasant echo quality to your voice. One quick trick is to cup the bottom of your phone in your hand, or place something soft behind the phone (like a jacket).
  4. Hold the phone so that the microphone is about 3 inches from your mouth. On an iPhone, the microphone is on the bottom of the phone. Too far way and your voice sounds quiet and thin. Too close and your voice will be too loud with a lot of breathing and mouth sounds.
  5. Speak in a normal conversational tone, firmly and with confidence. You don’t need to shout, but don’t become shy and speak too quietly either.