Recording a Narration

You can record up to 60 seconds of audio. Keep in mind that the length of your final video is determined by how much audio you record and how many photos you want to show. So, the longer your narration or the more photos you select, the longer the video will be. Longer videos are fine if you are sharing to Facebook, YouTube, or you are going to send it to a friend using email or SMS. You can also just save the video to your local camera roll on your phone.

But, if you want to share to Instagram, they limit the length of video that can be shared to 15 seconds max. You can share a longer video and the Instagram app will let you crop the video to make it fit their requirements.

Recording a narration for your video is optional. But, we believe that voice is what makes social sharing special. Think about it. How often do the friends and family you connect with on social media actually hear your voice?

Why only 60 secs? We believe that there is power in brevity. A great deal can be communicated with a surprisingly short amount of audio. We’re all busy people trying to keep up with what is being shared by the people who matter most to us, so it is hard to make time to listen to a 15-30 minute “update” from one person. With a shorter recording time, people get to the point more quickly.