Turn your photos into narrated videos

If your photos could talk…

Well now they can!

We all have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of photos on our phones. We know that you’ve been meaning to share them someday, but it is a pain to share photos one by one, and it drives your friends crazy if you just dump a dozen photos into your social media stream. Crazy, in a bad way. Not good.

Why not wrap them up in a single video that brings them to life with music and your voice, in a personal way that will put a smile on your friends’ faces?

Pearl makes it easy to quickly to turn your photos into narrated videos:

  1. Choose your photos, add an optional title, and select music to fit the mood.
  2. Record your voice to narrate the photos, tell a story, or say anything you want!
  3. Share your video on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with one tap. Or, just save it to your phone’s camera roll to send to a friend later.

Pearl makes it possible for your message to be heard exactly as you intended, in your own voice. You can record your voice to tell a story, introduce your photos, explain what you will be showing, create a narration for the video, or just say anything you want!

Pearl makes it easy to create uniquely compelling videos, without time-consuming editing. Add some great photos and choose a text title design for your video. Our designs make it easy to put your favorite text quote on the first photo you’re using for your video. Then, select music you want to accompany your voice.

Live in the present now, and use Pearl to easily share the moment later. You can share your Pearl video on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Or, just send it to a friend in an email or text message. You can also choose to save your video to your iPhone’s camera roll and do what you want with it later.

What are some examples of what you can do with Pearl?

  • Make a wonderful birth announcement with photos of your new baby and record the family talking about the exciting new addition.
  • Rather than dumping a ton of vacation photos into your social media feed, wrap them up in one elegant video slideshow with you describing those photos.
  • Review a product or service, and explain some of the key features to your followers on social media.
  • For your child’s birthday party, select some of the amazing photos you took throughout the day to create a highlight reel of the best moments. Record your child’s voice for the video to make everyone say; “Awwwwww!”
  • Take some photos of your night on the town with your squad, have everyone say a few words for the video, and share to social media to make sure everyone sees what they missed.

Are you a business owner? I bet you have some great photos of your business, products and services, and more on your phone. Well, you can now turn those photos into great promotional business videos in just a couple minutes! For free. Yes, we said for free.

  • Business owners, market your small business authentically with some hero shots and your personal voiceover, to connect more deeply with your potential customers.
  • Real estate agents, show off a new listing and talk about the unique features of the property. Create and share the video on social media in just a couple minutes. Move fast and close the deal!
  • Restaurant owners, make a video to highlight your featured dishes of the day, add some nice music, and tell the nice people where to find your restaurant with your own voiceover.
  • Bakery owners, every morning you can make a quick video to feature the amazing baked goods that are just waiting for people. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a Pearl video of your delicious treats is worth a million!
  • Fashion designers, easily create a marketing video to show off your new clothing line that is coming out. Talk about what makes this one the best yet!
  • Promote a new product you are launching with hero shots and a voiceover explaining all of the features and selling points. Nothing sells better than your voice!

We’d love to have you try the Pearl app!